Judge allows Jason Patric to use son’s name for advocacy purposes


In a legal battle over custody of his four-year-old son, Jason Patric has been given permission to use his son’s name for “Stand Up for Gus,” a foundation that raises awareness of parental alienation.

The actor’s ex-girlfriend Danielle Schreiber, the boy’s mother, demanded a restraining order that would have prevented Patric from using their son’s name in advocacy efforts to win the custody of the four year old. However, a judge ruled that to stop Jason from using his son’s name would interfere with his First Amendment rights.

The actor told The Hollywood Reporter, “After numerous attempts to stop me from speaking about my child, and to use the legal process to deprive me of my constitutional right of free speech, my victory today is not only for me and my son Gus, but for all other parents who will have the right to speak of and about their children in any form of media that they wish.”


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6 responses to “Judge allows Jason Patric to use son’s name for advocacy purposes”

  1. Ezra says:

    This is such an important statement. There are SOOO MANY parents out there who have their rights blocked from speaking to their children. With all the forms of media today, if this restraining order was granted, the ramifications would have a massive legal ripple to every facebook, twitter, and social media platform and user trying to be part of their children’s lives.

  2. Charlie says:

    See what happened here? The woman wanted to exploit her privilege, and had the justice system faltered, she would have gotten away with it.
    The system that seems ‘anti-male’, is nothing but male enablers enabling the worst aspect of female nature, and females exploiting it as much as they can.

  3. Patrick says:

    The white knights that enable women are the greatest enemy of men, followed by feminists.
    So, he donated his sperm, without written agreement to co-parent. Then decided he wanted to be the child’s father after-the-fact, and is currently using his celebrity to elicit sympathy and money.

  4. Angeline says:

    I am shocked what kind of woman would ever be able to do that to her baby and to the father of her baby. Only a bit** could do something like that. Probably that Danielle Schreiber simply wanted to get as much money from Jason Patrick as she could, and as soon as he has showed to her that she will not be able to use him as he would not allow her she went to the court. But what she didn’t really understood that while fighting because of her own troubles she was harming her child, and there is nothing worse than that, as this way she proves to be not a very good mother or carrying person. Shame on her and good job Jason, it is your child, and you should fight for him at the top of your powers.

  5. Diana says:

    Hmm, I don’t understand what is wrong with the fact if a father who is proud of having a son will use his name on some advertising, so what? It only shows his affection towards the child, while Danielle is acting like a woman who have been simply cheated on, or cannot forgive her man for something he did or didn’t did awhile ago. Mmm, I think it is not fair using the child while trying to revenge for something, only weak people both morally and physically are doing something like this. And it is a good thing that Jason is fighting for his rights of the father; I guess this battle that he started shows that he is much a better father than Danielle a mother.

  6. Kelly says:

    I will never stop being shocked with all the things I read about Hollywood actors or actresses. It is so easy for them to screw up their life completely for some reason, and I don’t really understand why, maybe it is their payback for being famous and holding the minds of millions of people? Anyways I feel sorry for the fact that in the majority of cases they do not have a happy family life and are simply being used by the people who are by their side. Probably that is the situation that has happened with Jason Patric, his girlfriend was using him for a long time, and as soon as she stopped being able to do that she started a war towards the father of her child.