Julia Roberts concerned about Emma Roberts

julia-roberts-20th-annual-screen-actors-guild_4032709 Julia Roberts believes her niece Emma Roberts is making a big mistake by getting married.

The 22-year-old actress announced her engagement to Evan Peters last week, but Julia believes Emma is too young for marriage.

A source told the National Enquirer magazine: ”Emma’s only 22, and Julia thinks she’s making a big mistake by rushing into things with Evan. Julia is sure it will only lead to pain and heartbreak. She told Emma, ‘You’re too young to get married. You don’t know what you’re doing.”’

”Emma’s convinced she’s doing the right thing by accepting Evan’s proposal and she feels Julia should just butt out,” the insider added.

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5 responses to “Julia Roberts concerned about Emma Roberts”

  1. Ted says:

    I believe 22 is the great age to get married. If Emma Roberts is happy marrying Evan, then why Julia would interfere? She doesn’t tell that the man is bad for marriage or something, she just bases her explanation on the young age of the actress. Well, I believe we all make choices and take decisions in life and marriage should be based on the agreement of two loving hearts, no more than that.

  2. Anthony says:

    I bet Julia needs to make her niece make her on choice. She is young, but not a baby anymore. She is an adult and an actress, so why not let her decide to make her own choices in life and choose whom and when to marry?!

  3. Chandra says:

    I just love Julia Roberts and everything she does, and I am sure that she is right about the fact that the wedding of her niece is a prompt step that should be reconsidered. And from a different point of view, we all make mistakes, for which we are paying after. So it is better sometimes to make a mistake and regret a bit for making it, than not doing something and regret the entire life for not making that step. We learn on our mistakes, and we never hear the voice of the elder’s ones in the family, especially when we are young and have the entire life in front of us. One day Emma will have kids of her own, and maybe that would be the moment than she’ll understand Julia’s concern about her. I am wondering what Eric Roberts thinks about the groom of his beloved daughter, something tells me that he is not a huge fan of him either.

  4. Sierra says:

    I think Julia Roberts is one of those women who are getting more beautiful and blooming by each year of their life passing. I really admire her for the fact that she is an actress in Hollywood for so many years, but she still managed somehow to keep herself the way she was in the first movie I saw her “Pretty Woman”, she has a great smile and huge charisma. And also it is nice to realize that she is more concerned with her family issues instead of being part of some rumors, or simply doing things in order to be spotted by media. She is way too proud for that. And it is a pleasure for me to read about her concern with the private life of her niece Emma Roberts, I think it is very cute, and shows Julia from the other side, that is also very nice, she is not selfish at all, she managed to stay kind and caring even in the Hollywood’s jungles.

  5. Titty says:

    I remember the good old times than Julia Roberts was giving some hard time to her brother Eric Roberts, she really was a pain in the b**t when she was young. So no wonder her niece is acting the same way and is following her aunt’s footsteps. Of course it is easy for Julia to say now “Don’t make mistakes”, as she probably forgot what it feels to be young and wild, and I am sure that it is not that easy for Emma to follow her advices, as she is in the age when she knows “better” than anyone else everything in the world. I remember than I was a teenager, everyone who tried telling me that I am wrong was literally erased from the face of Earth by me. Funny memories, not that funny for my family though.