Julia Roberts cut off half-sister from their mother?

julia-roberts-25th-anniversary-palm-springs-international_4026863 After reporting that Julia Roberts’ half-sister, Nancy Motes, left a suicide note blaming Julia for her troubles, New York Daily News quotes a source who claims that the actress isolated Nancy from their mother.

Jerem Hutcheson, Nancy’s close friend, says Roberts changed Betty Lou Motes’ mobile phone number and the locks to her house in order to cut off her half-sister after a tell-all interview last summer.

“Nancy was very close with her mom, and when they changed the locks and later relocated her, it was devastating to Nancy,” Jerem says. “She couldn’t reach her mom when she needed her most. I think Julia was resentful of the relationship Nancy shared with their mom and also did it out of spite.”

julia-roberts-the-20th-annual-screen-actors_4031478Hutcheson also claims that late Nancy Motes was not a drug abuser, despite the fact she died of an apparent overdose of prescription medicines last Sunday.

“Nancy didn’t have a drug problem. She had an overly emotional moment and acted on it. Every time I saw her, she was happy and excited about her wedding. But her depression compounded really fast,” he explains.

Nancy was engaged to fiancé John Dilbeck and they were planning their wedding at the time of her death.

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4 responses to “Julia Roberts cut off half-sister from their mother?”

  1. Samanta says:

    Every family has the skeleton hidden in a wardrobe. Well not all family members have great relationship, but I believe everyone is responsible for their life. So, if you cannot live with pain and prefer to end up your life, why to blame others for that? I wonder how happy this woman was if she has committed suicide during her wedding preparation. Who, happy would even think of it. No family issues could cause it. I suspect the poor thing wasn’t even in love as it was stupid to end up the days at such a great and turning point in life.

  2. Mari says:

    Wow the whole story really su**s, Nancy Motes was planning a wedding, but then suddenly for some reason of her own in one of the happiest moments of her life (as this is what engagement and future wedding is about, it is about being ultimately happy), she decides that she has an “overly emotional” moment and drinks all the pills she has at home. In the first place, if Julia really isolated their mother from her sister in law, than it is quite possible that she did it for some very important reason, as it is pretty obvious that Nancy was not stable emotionally, so probably that was Julia’s way to protect their mother from her. And in the second place, I guess we all have mothers, so it is pretty obvious that we understand that there is nothing more powerful in this world than mother’s love towards her child, so eventually if Betty Lou Motes really wanted to communicate with her daughter Nancy, than it is obvious that nothing would ever stop her from that.

  3. Darla says:

    Most of all in this story I feel sorry for Julia Roberts, as she is the person who is not only supposed to take care of the funeral, but eventually is considered guilty by everyone, though she haven’t done anything wrong. I think it is very sad, hopefully she doesn’t feel any type of guilt, as her sister in law has really tried making her feeling guilty for her own sad and not very interesting life. I know it is bad speaking not very well about dead people, but I cannot shut up when I see situations that are not fair. If Julia was a successful actress who performed many roles, and due to them earned a lot of money than it doesn’t mean that she is supposed to pay all of her sister’s expenses, it is all optional, but not a must at all, why do people think about other people who are richer than them that they are supposed to share everything with them? And why don’t they realize that those people worked hard, really hard in order to have everything that they possess. In the end we all get exactly that we deserve, not less and not more, but exactly what we deserve.

  4. Petra says:

    I never even knew that Julia and Eric Roberts have a sister in law – Nancy Motes, which is so weird that no matter how many things are written about them in public there was nothing written about their sister in law. I guess they were not very close, and that is exactly why they were not much helping her or spending time with her. I guess the problem of that Nancy Motes was the fact that she just couldn’t live with the fact that her siblings are so famous and have so much money while she doesn’t have all those things that they have, though is not worse than them, maybe even better. And I am sure that she never thought of hard it was for Julia and Eric to get everything they have now, and how hard they working upon it. Of course it is much easier to blame life or parents or other circumstances about not having something that the other people have, much easier than getting up and trying to do something in order to have same things.