Julia Roberts puts children first


Ever since she became a mother, for Julia Roberts the kids are priority.

The actress, who has nine-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and six-year-old Henry, only takes one movie role a year so she could spend more time with her kids.

She said: ”I make one film per year and that’s a good balance. My older kids have just turned nine and my son is six; they still need me. My family takes up a lot of my time and my creative energy, but I’m lucky to have worked enough already to allow myself to take time off.

”When I see my friends struggling to juggle both, I feel very privileged. I act less, but better; I’ve always been demanding of a role, now I’m difficult.”


Even though she is a big movie star, at home Julia is just like any other stay-at-home mom with all the usual chores and worries.

”It’s the same as every other stay at home mom,” she explained. ”Sometimes, there are wet bath towels strewn all over the house, dinner isn’t ready and the kids haven’t finished their homework…”

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4 responses to “Julia Roberts puts children first”

  1. OLDBOY says:

    Have more kids, please. If it gets you off the big screen, please more babies.

    Oh, can you take Bono with you!

  2. Talia says:

    I love everything that has to do with Julia Roberts, as I admire everything she is and does. She had a very nice youth, as she did everything she wanted; she dated as many boys as she wanted, and I should admit that she dated mostly the most wanted by everyone guys. And everything in her life was pretty simple, I mean she worked hella lot in order to become the actress she is today, but still that was much easier to her due to her brother Eric Roberts, who by the times when she was only beginning the carrier already was a huge Hollywood star. And I never expected that this young and wild girl will one day stop the life she was leading before and will become completely different, I mean the good old Julia whom everyone knew completely changed into the new Julia who is a loving wife and carrying mother. I think Julia is one of the best mothers in Hollywood, as she is able to comprise both such a hard things as being a good mother and wife and being a good actress at the same time. No matter the fact that she is not working that hard as she used to for already almost ten years, she is still one of the most wanted Hollywood actresses, and my guess is, that it is due to her positive personality and marvelous giggling.

  3. Gigi says:

    Wow Julia’s twins are nine years already, I cannot believe how fast the time is flying, it seems like only a few years ago I saw the “Pretty woman” movie the first time, and only a bit later Julia got pregnant and bore the twins. I am shocked; the time is really flying away. And I guess I should add that I never expected that she will become such a caring mother, to me she always seemed as a spoilt younger sister of Eric Roberts, who was not properly behaving but I always thought it was due to the fact that she is red haired and everyone knows that red haired people have a huge temper. I am glad for her; she earned her right of becoming happy. She earned it with hard work that she was doing on the daily basis upon herself, I think it is worthy of my highest respect, and I do hope that a few years later she will start working more in the cinema as I do love all of her movies and can’t ever get enough of them.

  4. Rita says:

    Ha ha, this article really made me laugh, is it just me being a mean little brat, or everyone else cannot imagine someone like Julia Roberts making homework with her children? I guess a working woman like her is supposed to have a whole bunch of nannies and teachers who would do that job instead of her. I always thought that she is damn pretty and nice, but honestly speaking me never thought that she is smart also, so that is quite a pleasant discovery I just made. I am wondering how she is doing everything, where is she gathering all the strength and power to be at the motion set of a movie (well she does perform at least once per a year) and at the same time the power to do all of the chores at home. Not to mention that she is supposed also to show some attention to three of her children as well as to her husband. I guess she just has some secret doppelganger that she has never shown to anyone, but uses on a permanent basis; otherwise I am astonished and have no idea what to say, all my best wishes to her and Danny who together created such a beautiful family, I hope they will keep continuing the same way as they did till nowadays.