Julianne Moore: Juggling work and family is hard

162161793-1280_620x350 Balancing work and family life is not easy for Julianne Moore. She has two children, Caleb, 15, and Liv, 11, with her husband Bart Freundlich and she always puts her kids’ wellbeing first.

She said: ”My life is a constant juggling act and it’s challenging. I don’t think any parent completely avoids the guilt trap or ever stops worrying about whether they’re doing everything perfectly. Part of being a parent means that it’s vital you get the wellbeing of your kids right, and there’s a high degree of difficulty in that.”

However, the actress admits that she’s not much of a cook. ”Am I a good cook? Let’s just say breakfast is my specialty. It’s a bit of an in-joke between my husband and me that my signature dish in the kitchen would be a hard-boiled egg. Mine are just perfect! I’m a phenomenal cleaner,” Julianne said.

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