Justin Bieber wants to be a better person


It seems that Justin Bieber has finally realized he needs to make some changes in his life since he has reportedly decided to distance himself from ”bad influences” and try to be a better person.

An insider told E! News: ”The bad influences in his life, for the most part are being weeded out. He’s making more of an effort to hang out with people who are positive influences in his life.”

The report comes after Bieber’s latest reconciliation with Selena Gomez, so maybe she has something to do with his new positive attitude.


The source said: ”He has started listening to the people around him and he knows it is not too late to change things. He’s being more selective with his friends. He wants people around him that will help him and guide him and keep him on the right path.”

”There has been a real maturing recently. This whole process has been a growing period for him and he has finally woken up to realize what he needs to do to get back on track and be the Justin Bieber he used to be. He’s ready to change and be a better person before it’s too late,” the insider added.


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6 responses to “Justin Bieber wants to be a better person”

  1. Sad says:

    Justin’s manager Scooter Braun, did NOT try to get him to check into rehab. You’re making Justin look like a bad person. Check your facts please. Report the truth.

  2. Melly says:

    Justin has done so much for the world, but everyone looks at the bad stuff!! He doesn’t tell kids that, he tells us to follow our dreams and give back so before you make a comment like that make sure you know the facts

  3. Justin says:

    How can you tell someone to be a better person if you keep bashing others left and right. Doesn’t sound like he is a better person himself. Actually quite immature about the situation. He both started the fight and when it all simmered down and the situation slowly went away, he brings it up again for more attention

  4. Theresa says:

    Hmm I haven’t read before that he got back to Selena Gomez, what is wrong with those two? They were splitting and getting back together for too many times, where is their pride; don’t they realize that it is time to knock it off? I think they both need to get mature, and it is not about hanging out with right or wrong people, but it about having some respect towards each other, unfortunately Justin Bieber gas probably become famous at the moment of his life when he was too young, as a result he never learned how is he supposed to act with people , what is good and what is wrong, instead he is acting like Madonna or Jennifer Lopez who both worked their as** really hard in order to get into the place where they are now. So maybe it is not the problem in people but in you? The earlier he will realize that, the better it will be for his own sake. I am sick and tired of reading various articles about his check in and check out into rehab. Get a life dude, and stop complaining about things not working the way you want them to, want some changes? Create them! Everyone is able, all that is needed is some effort.

  5. charlie says:

    Really?i can’t believe we are discussing again Justin Bieber, I mean what for if he is obviously not changing, as well as he will never change, and the reason why, is because he doesn’t need that, he is comfortable the way he is living, the only problem for him is Selena Gomez who doesn’t really like his lifestyle and is constantly showing that to him by leaving him, and as usually not for a too long time. What is her problem I don’t understand either, as she is really talented and I am sure that hse doesn’t really need him by her side in order to be happy, she is simply playing a role in a drama created by her, and as soon as she will get bored of this drama, she will leave him once again, but this time for good. So good luck Justin, I am sure it was a good life, and you wanted a better one, but this is the situation the way it is. Learn it, live it, love it.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Well hopefully this time the boy will keep his promise, and we will finally see the Justin Bieber we all know and are used to. The truth is he is a good boy who simply mixed up with bad people; as a result his carrier and entire life start their crush and epic fail. But I do hope that this time he really means it, and he will finally be able to pull himself together, especially considering the fact that he has love and support of the love of his life Selena Gomez. A man who is in love is capable to do many things in this life, things that he didn’t even had a clue he is able to.