Justin Theroux: I used to garbage-pick


He might be worth millions of dollars now, but things weren’t so easy for Justin Theroux at the beginning of his career. In fact, during the 1990s, when he was still a struggling actor in New York, Justin had to dig through the bins to find some food.

He told Details magazine: ”I used to garbage-pick. It sounds much more disgusting than it is. You learn a lot about society by seeing what’s thrown away. During the period I was doing that, a lot of great stuff was being tossed.”

Today, he is a successful actor and screenwriter, but insists that fame was never his ultimate goal.

“There’s a huge distinction between wanting to act and wanting to be a famous actor,” Theroux explained.

1BE7524D“Most of the people that jump off buses in Hollywood just want to f–king ‘make it.’ And I never had that drive. Honestly. I could never visualize myself in that way. To me it seemed so cart-before-the-horse-y.

“I still think a long, slow road is always the better road. Or at least for me it’s been the better road.”

Justin currently stars in the HBO series The Leftovers as police chief Kevin Garvey.

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