Justin Timberlake cancels Madison Square Garden show

justin-timberlake Just hours before he was scheduled to take the stage, Justin Timberlake canceled his show at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday.

The 32 year-old star took to Twitter to announce the cancelation. He wrote:  “Hey NY. There is never an easy way to do this… Unfortunately, I have to postpone tonight’s show to Friday due to health reasons. I am truly sorry to everyone that have tickets for tonight. It kills me to have to do this. I hope to see you all on Friday.”

Timberlake is expected to perform Thursday night at The Garden and appear Friday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

His official web site also confirmed the cancelation news. It stated: “Tickets for the previously scheduled show will be honored at the door on Friday. Refunds if necessary available at point of purchase, tomorrow’s performance at Madison Square Garden will continue as scheduled.”

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4 responses to “Justin Timberlake cancels Madison Square Garden show”

  1. Sarah says:

    Well, to my mind there is better a postponed quality show rather than a singer in pain with bad voice trying to perform. I heap the fans will understand Justin and I hope they will all show up on Friday night. Life is life and we are al human. We can only make the plans, but never know what awaits us the next moment. I didn’t buy tickets to the show, s I am on the safe side, though I admire Justin Timberlake’s creativity and talent.

  2. Jess says:

    Hmm I am wondering what possible problems with health a thirty two years man might have, hopefully it is something not that serious, though for some reason I think that Justin Timberlake just pretended to be sick, because as any other person he is also getting tired, so probably he got so tired that was not able to stand and tolerate anything anymore, I can truly understand that, it happens. But I am truly sorry for his fans, as I am sure they were waiting for his show a long time, and it is not fair to announce everything like that, via the twitter. I am sure people have already made plans for the Friday a long time ago, maybe some of them were supposed to leave the city for the weekend, so now I am all shocked with Justin’s behavior. I guess he simply is a more complex person than he is trying to show, and I am not sure whether I like that or not, I liked more the Justin Timberlake who used to hang out with Britney Spears, and who at the same time was very happy and smiling all the time and all over since they broke up, he became a sad person, he almost never smiles, and all the pictures that I see of him in the media where he is all serious.

  3. Kitty says:

    Awe my Gosh I hope everything is ok with Justin Timberlake, as I think I will not be able to survive if something will ever happen to him! He is so wonderful I love him since the good and old N’Sync times, when they announced that the band is getting split; I thought I will die, as I loved them and their performances more than anything in the world, as well as I was very sad when he and Britney Spears have broke up. I think during his life he suffered really a lot, and all due to the women that were surrounding him mostly, though honestly speaking I think during his entire life there is only one woman whom he truly loved, and still loves, and this woman is Britney Spears. I feel sorry for her, as she has made a wrong choice which evaluated in an unhappy life, and it brought her almost to the bottom of the society. Well, as Justin has sang in his song “What goes around, comes back around”, and I am sure that the entire song as well as “Cry me a river” is also dedicated to Britney Spears. Probably he never went through their breaking up normally. So maybe now, his wife Jessica Biel is also giving him some hard time, which has brought him to this kind of behavior and sadness, as I am sure that he had some pretty good and important reasons in order to cancel the long awaited by his fans concert on the Madison Square. During his entire carrier no matter how he suffered he never showed lack of respect towards his fans and admirers of his talent.

  4. Jocy says:

    Wohow, I hope Justin Timberlake really had some serious reasons for cancelling his concert on Wednesday otherwise he really screwed up in front of all of his fans. I think I have never read before about any kind of concert being cancelled in my entire life, and right now I am almost twenty eight years old. Especially a concert on the Madison Square, I can only imagine how many of the “fresh” stars are dreaming of having their own concert on this Square, while for Justin Timberlake is as easy as clicking his fingers to cancel it. Wow once again, I am equally both: surprisingly shocked and amazed. Although I might be wrong while being that sarcastic here, and the dude really does have some serious health issues which made him cancelling the entire show. Anyway I am sorry for the fans that will not be able to attend the show on Friday, and hopefully he will never cancel that one, otherwise it will be an epic fail from him.