Justin Timberlake: Kids won’t like my music

Justin Timberlake 2013 In an interview with Britain’s HELLO! magazine, Justin Timberlake spoke about his childhood and teenage years. He said he never liked the same music his parents did and he expects the same thing to happen with him and his future kids.

Asked if he wants his children to like his music, he said: ”We’ll have to wait and see. If I’m anything like my parents were with me, I’m sure I won’t like any sort of music that they like, but that’s how it goes.”

Justin became famous at the age of 12 and has been in the show business ever since. However he doesn’t regret the fact he missed out on a normal college experience. He said: ”I don’t think I would have enjoyed college much, to be honest with you. I probably would have gotten into more trouble than gotten anything much done. When I was 17 and 18, I was touring the world and that was an unbelievable opportunity.”

justin-timberlake-grammy-awards-2013-600x450The singer/actor is thankful to his mother and her words that have kept him grounded. ”When I was very young my mother sat me down and said: ‘Always remember that music is only one part of your life and it doesn’t make you a better person in any of the other parts.’ I’ve never forgotten that,” Timberlake added.

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One response to “Justin Timberlake: Kids won’t like my music”

  1. Geir says:

    Well, tastes differ and the more drastic changes exist between the generations. Well, maybe Justin Timberlake’s kids won’t like his songs, but we like them now! Go on with your career and the best thing you can do, Justin! We love you and your songs! What your kids will say you will know when the time comes!