Kaitlin Olson suffers onset injury

kaitlin-olson-los-angeles-premiere-of-pacific Actress Kaitlin Olson was recently injured on the set of TV comedy It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. She was shooting a scene with her husband Rob McElhenney when she fell and hurt her leg.

She says, “I got a big gash on my leg at work… we were shooting in this old abandoned warehouse, our characters are obsessed with Lethal Weapon, so this year we make Lethal Weapon 6.

“It was a scene between Rob, my husband, and myself, and I was playing a cop and Rob was playing Murtaugh, who in the Lethal Weapon movies is played by Danny Glover… and I come running in and I’m supposed to stop and our first take I stop, and my leg goes through something and I’m on the ground and I look, and it’s this metal grate that went in my leg. It was really bad, it sliced it open, so it was a 911 situation.”

Rob McElhenney And Kaitlin Olson Hit Philadelphia Style Bash!When the paramedics came, they were a bit confused because the blood pack she was wearing for the shoot exploded and made it appear like she was bleeding from her stomach. “So he (the paramedic) said, ‘What’s going on with your stomach?’ and I look down and I was wired with a blood pack… and it went off when I fell,” Kaitlin recalls.

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One response to “Kaitlin Olson suffers onset injury”

  1. Josh says:

    Kaitlin is a very charming actress that looks very fragile to my eyes. Well, this is what happened to her. I hope it is not very serious and that she will get back to normal soon. She has her husband by her side – a great support! I hope soon she will get back to work again. Good luck in everything you do, girl!