Kanye West bans Kim from surgery

GTY_kim_kardashian_kanye_west According to a source, Kanye West has banned Kim Kardashian from undergoing cosmetic surgery as part of their pre-nuptial agreement.

The rapper, whose mother died after liposuction complications in 2007, is having a clause written into their pre-nuptial agreement which says that she will have to pay $500,000 if she has any work done.

Also, Kanye has warned Kim that there will be no wedding if she undergoes any cosmetic surgery before their big day.

The source said: ”Kim met with her surgeon to discuss having a nose job and liposuction on her thighs and tummy before their wedding next summer. She was planning to do it in March when Kanye would be working in Paris. She hoped by the time he returned to Los Angeles she would have healed and Kanye would never know. He flipped and said if she went ahead with the procedures then the wedding was off.”

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One response to “Kanye West bans Kim from surgery”

  1. Sigurd says:

    Wow that was tough on Kanye side. Still, it is a very reasonable thing to do. He loves her and doesn’t want to lose her early due to her stupidity. Kim, look in the mirror, you are just perfect! What do you need a nose work for? You look great and your curves just add o your sexuality and femininity. There is no need to have flat tummy as women are supposed to have fat in this area, not much, but the way you have is just a perfect way! So, I support Kanye’s requirements,. Maybe this will keep her form this stupidity??? Though, if he loves her, the wedding will be no matter what. If it s for PR only, then these requirements just add to it, that is!