Kanye West wants another baby

Kim-Kardashian-Kanye-West-and-baby-North-lookalikes-1996016 It’s only been couple of months since Kim Kardashian gave birth to their daughter, North West, and Kanye West already started talking about second child. He is trying to convince his girlfriend to expand their family in the near future but Kim has other plans. She is focused on getting her body back in shape and doesn’t want to think about another baby now.

A source said: ”Kim’s really focused on getting back her size 8 figure. But Kanye recently suggested they start trying for another baby as he doesn’t want a big gap between their children’s ages. Kim, however, doesn’t even want to think about another hellish nine months right now and told Kanye she wants her body back – not another baby.”

158947833DT040_Kim_KardashiThe source also claims that Kim is actually thinking about surgery to slim down but Kanye is very much against that. ”Kim’s main concern is her boobs. They went up to an F-cup during her pregnancy, which is twice the size they were before, and she thinks they look droopy. She’s already set up a few consultations and is looking into non-invasive lipo on her tummy and love handles. Kanye freaks out about plastic surgery, he told her she’s beautiful and doesn’t need anything done,” the insider said.

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