Kate Bosworth didn’t sleep for role

kate-bosworth-homefront-red-carpet-premiere_3963825 Speaking to Colider.com, Kate Bosworth explained how she prepared for her role in Homefront.

The beautiful actress, who plays meth addict Cassie Bodine in the new action thriller, slept very little in order to look dishevelled.

She said: ”I got very little sleep. The physicality was something that the role required. She’s someone who’s abusing herself every day and that starts to take a toll. Clearly meth is a very destructive substance, and it shows physically very quickly, and it’s a quick demise. It was just a conversation about how rough we wanted her to look. It wasn’t something that I thought twice about. It was something that was required.”

kate-bosworth-the-art-of-bulgari-la_3875244Kate said that the film’s make-up team and director Gary Fleder wanted to show her character as a girl who is in danger of destroying herself, but still hasn’t gone too far.

”Gary, myself and the make-up artists wanted to make sure that she was far gone enough that there was a real danger to her physicality, and an edginess to her, and a discomfort, and constant agitation, but that she wasn’t so far gone that there was not a point of no return,” Bosworth added.


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2 responses to “Kate Bosworth didn’t sleep for role”

  1. Trevor says:

    These actors, what they do for their roles; gain weight, lose it, do not sleep, etc. After this I cannot say they do not sacrifice for their profession. I respect this, though it is not very good for the health. Well, most of the jobs are like that. I just wouldn’t want Kate Bosworth – such a beautiful lady and inspiring actress be emotionally and physically exhausted. We already have Tom Hanks suffering with diabetes due to constant weight gain and loss throughout his acting career, but he is just genius, agree.

  2. Lili says:

    You see that acting is not only having fun, but also making sacrifices. I just hope sleepless nights won’t affect Kate Boswoth’s healthy and beauty. Will be too bad to lose such a cure woman on screen!