Kate Hudson: I’ll probably get married sooner rather than later


Even though Kate Hudson still doesn’t have a specific plan for her wedding, she reveals that she and Matt Bellamy will definitely tie the knot in the near future.

”We still don’t have any plans to get married, but eventually we will… probably sooner rather than later,” the actress told Extra.

The exact date for the wedding is not known yet but it certainly won’t be this summer.

When asked how she finds time to plan the wedding, Kate said recently: ”You don’t have time to plan a wedding with a busy career, which is why I’m not planning my wedding. We got a busy summer. We’re really looking forward to it. I’m shooting a movie and so you know, we’re doing a bunch this summer.”

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One response to “Kate Hudson: I’ll probably get married sooner rather than later”

  1. Sigurd says:

    Kate Hudson better finds time to plan the wedding or she risks remaining without a groom. To be engaged for three years is sort of weird. Or maybe something happened in the couple that they do not wish to make a public knowledge? I do not know, but she better hurries up. If her fiancé is reluctant, I will take my turn, since Kate Hudson is my type of a woman. Hehehe!