Kate Hudson’s image unknowingly used in abortion clinic ad

kate_hudson Orlando Women’s Center, an abortion clinic from Florida, used a picture of Kate Hudson in a video advertisement for their clinic.

The video on YouTube contains images of women who appear to endorse the abortion clinic and Hudson’s image appears among them. The advertisement offers a coupon for $100 off of abortions. Kate’s publicist Brad Cafarelli has told Orlando news station Local 6 the star did not give permission for her picture to be included in the commercial. He wrote in an email: “I can confirm that this use is unauthorized and we had no knowledge of it.”

The owner of the clinic Dr. James Pendergraft says the image will be removed from the ad. This is not the first time Dr. Pendergraft made headlines. A patient successfully sued the doctor over a botched abortion when her child survived the procedure, but was born with severe disabilities and Dr. Pendergraft’s license has also been suspended by the state several times.

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