Kate Mara goes vegan


More and more people are going vegan in Hollywood these days and Kate Mara is the latest star to join the club.

The actress has recently decided to embrace vegan diet and says that, while she stands by her choice, she doesn’t have a problem with other people who enjoy meat.

“I’m a vegan, but that doesn’t mean I get up and leave if I’m out to dinner with someone who orders steak,” she explained.

However, it wasn’t easy for Kate to give up cheese and even her friends are surprised that she decided to stop eating it.

“Their biggest surprise is that I don’t eat cheese anymore, and I don’t blame them because cheese was definitely the hardest thing to give up,” she added.

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One response to “Kate Mara goes vegan”

  1. Pamela says:

    Is being vegan means being really healthy? I do not think so. The protein that the meat contains helps building the muscles and is a great amino acid ‘fuel’ to our body, so I consider going vegan a non-healthy life style. IMHO!