Kate Winslet avoids wearing too much make-up

kate_winslet_702957 Kate Winslet doesn’t like wearing heavy make-up. She likes fresh look and says that her children are her best critics.

”I don’t like wearing too much. I prefer a fresh look instead of heavy, smoking eyes. My children are great critics. They’ll say, ‘Why have you got all that stuff around your eyes?’ and then I know it’s not a good look,” she said.

Kate’s 13-year-old daughter is always asking for make-up, but she only allows her to wear some items on special occasions.

”I lend my daughter my beauty products but only as a treat. If she’s going to a party I’ll let her borrow mascara or moisturizer. She’s only 13 and I always remind her how lucky she is to be using mummy’s things.”

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3 responses to “Kate Winslet avoids wearing too much make-up”

  1. Sarah says:

    I agree to Kate’s choice. I like fresh natural look these days much more than heavy Smokey eyes. I used to be the lover of the last trend in heavy make ups, but they just make you look unnatural and not really fresh. Bright and heavy make ups though look beautiful add you unnatural looks and the kids are right asking ‘what is there around eyes?’ I believe the bright make up is only good for run way models or certain shows and that is. These days I prefer a little brighter make up for the evening, but not heavy Smokey eyes series.

    • Jess says:

      Wearing natural look make up is very popular these days, everything natural gets back in fashion. So, I prefer fresh looks rather than heavy Smokey eyes or any extravagant make up. I agree, this make up is good for shows and run ways and movies, special occasions, but, definitely not an everyday wear. Ask men, most of them are scared of the dark circles around eyes and very bright lip sticks as well as long sharp nails that remind them of claws. This look may be good for role play, some fantasy, but not a woman that men would like to date in every day life.

  2. Marla says:

    Kate Winslet really is an example of the ultimate style and taste; I never read anything nasty about her, although I would probably read some nasty article about every star, even about the Royal British family, though they are almost saint. I respect the fact that she keeps her life and kids away from all the Media and bad things that are happening around on the everyday basis. And it is good that she raises kids in a modest atmosphere, this way she will really be proud of them one day, instead of being ashamed for the things kids do, like the majority of stars feel in Hollywood. I guess in order to raise a good child; you need to spend a lot of time with the child, and in order to give good manners and normal perception of life. I admire Kate for the fact that her kids and family are on the top of priorities for her, and not the carrier or fashion life at all.