Kate Winslet honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


Just like it was announced, Kate Winslet received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday.

The 38-year-old actress is the 2,520th star on the famous sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard.

The ceremony was also Kate’s first public appearance since giving birth to her third child and she has shown a great post-baby figure in a black, form-fitting dress.

Just hours before the event, Hollywood was shaken by an early-morning 4.4 magnitude earthquake.

Addressing the crowd, Winslet said: “I’m completely overwhelmed by the number of people that are here today. I honestly had no idea this was going to be quite such a well-attended event, especially after the earthquake this morning, which frightened me quite a lot actually.”

Director James Cameron, Kathy Bates and Shailene Woodley were there to celebrate Kate’s star on Hollywood Boulevard.


Bates said: “You deserve to have stars strewn at your feet. Even though stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame sometimes get a little dirty with a little poo or whatever, what will last is your wonderful beautiful films, characters that you’ve played that have stolen our hearts. Nobody can ever poo on those.”

Winslet has been nominated for an Oscar six times and won in 2009 for her role in The Reader.

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2 responses to “Kate Winslet honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame”

  1. Megan says:

    Congratulations to this amazing and definitely very talented actress! Kate Winslet has definitely deserved her star on the Hall of Fame. I am very happy for her and very proud of this achievement. Even Mother Nature celebrated this event with the earthquake that everyone felt, but no one suffered from. It is amazing how many people where there despite the early morning earthquake.

  2. Mitchel says:

    Kate Winslet looks very happy in the picture. She really deserved this star on the Wall of Fame! A great job and dedication of an actress should be rewarded and her time has come. I cannot admit the fact that Kate looks very nice after delivering the third baby and her figure is stunning. She is not slim, but sexy and these curves are simply hypnotizing.