Katherine Heigl’s new movie turns to Indiegogo for help

katherine-heigl-celebrities-appear-on-extra_4018788 Producers of Jenny’s Wedding, a film starring Katherine Heigl and Tom Wilkinson, have turned to Indiegogo to raise money for post-production costs.

They need $150,000 by March 28 to complete the work on the movie. After four days, they managed to raise $5,481.

In a video for the fundraising effort, Heigl says, “We’ve teamed up with Indiegogo because we are trying to raise money to finish the film and we could really use your help and we have lots of really fun, exciting perks.”

Jenny’s Wedding tells a story of a woman who hides the fact that she is lesbian from her family. When she decides to marry her long-time girlfriend, it tears apart her family.


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4 responses to “Katherine Heigl’s new movie turns to Indiegogo for help”

  1. Carlos says:

    It is so sad that sometimes there are not enough finances to finish the move. There are so many talented actors and producers that just do not get enough of money to get their nice projects a reality. That is why so many bad movies are on screens of today as they have money, but no fresh ideas. The movies used to be much more meaningful in the last century. IMHO!

  2. Ernie says:

    Well honestly speaking I am not sure I am such a big fan of Katherine Heigl’s talents, besides I can even say that she is not that talented at all, she performed very well in Grey’s Anatomy and that was her moment of success. I would even add, that she performed well in the first few seasons, and especially when she was taking care of Danny in the TV show, but the more I was watching the show later, the more I couldn’t wait till the part with her will finish and they will show someone else from the doctors. Some actors are just meant to perform in the TV shows, as movies or theatre are just not for them. And it is not because they do not have talent, they really do, but their talent is not that huge, as it should be, it needs some more practicing and developing. I remember the times when she left the show, I even felt sorry for a little while, but later they brought a few more interesting actresses, and now I love this show even more.

  3. Karen says:

    Hmm, turning for help to Indiegogo, I guess Katherine Heigl and Tom Wilkinson sound desperate if they really did that. Don’t you have some pride people? if that movie that would have been so good than of course there would be a lot of people willing to invest in it, and if there are none of those people than it does mean something. I think it gross when people are using their fame in order to get some funds in the projects they are involved in. I would have understood, if it was for some decent purposes, such as charity or simply helping someone, but not for anything else. Now I feel sick of Katherine, though I kinda liked her after watching “The ugly truth”, and now what I am thinking more careful about it I think the entire merit for it is more Gerard Butler’s than hers. I am wondering how come those two never started dating during filming in that movie, as that is what stars usually do as soon as they are participating in same project. Though maybe they never tried as rumors say Gerard was dating a Romanian model at that moment, no wonder he didn’t had “eyes” on Katherine, that model looks just gorgeous, while Heigl is just ordinary, there is nothing special about her.

  4. Rachel says:

    Mmm, I like Katherine Heilgl, lately she played in a few good movies, but I cannot say that I am wowed about her performing. She is good enough, but there is nothing thrilling in her playing, like for example when I hear that there is some new movie with Julia Roberts, than I cannot wait till its premiere in order to see it, because Julia’s performing is thrilling. Mmm maybe it is the talent or maybe it is the professionalism that comes with time. I guess it is not a good idea of her to try finding more funds for the finishing of movie she performs in, as if it will not be liked by public, than all that negative energy from people will fall on her shoulder, and probably that will not perform a good role in her carrier, but of course she is the one who decides.