Katie Holmes’ lawyer criticizes Fathers’ Rights advert

katie-holmes-tao-downtown-opening-night_3885378 Following the Fathers4justice group’s advert featuring Katie Holmes, her lawyer Jonathan Wolfe has issued a statement, criticizing the campaign and calling it offensive.

The actress is just one of several female stars whose pictures were used in the campaign by the Fathers4justice. The advert features Katie’s photo with a caption: “Katie, do you believe in equal parents, equal love?”

In his statement, her lawyer, Mr. Wolfe, said: “The campaign is baseless and offensive. Katie will continue to have no comment on personal and private matters that affect her family.”

Other stars targeted in the campaign include Halle Berry, Kim Basinger and Kate Winslet.

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2 responses to “Katie Holmes’ lawyer criticizes Fathers’ Rights advert”

  1. James says:

    I agree, a baseless and offensive campaign. I am glad to hear Katie is not the one do make her personal life a property of publicity. There is no need the entire world to know about your family matters, life and problems. We are all human and divorces and sharing kids happen to may simple people, we just do not know about it. So, why just not leaving celebrities alone??

  2. Paul says:

    I believe it is dishonest and offensive to consider kids someone’s property. I believe the kids should have both [parents and that both parents have same rights for kids, disregards their gender and parental role. Children need a male and female role to follow in the family. It is sad when marriages break where the kids are involved.