Katy Perry believes in aliens

katy-perry-the-15th-nrj-music-awards_3998661 Speaking for the latest issue of GQ magazine, Katy Perry has revealed she believes in aliens.

The singer doesn’t think we are alone in the universe and would love to know what President Barack Obama thinks on the subject.

She said: ”I see everything through a spiritual lens. I believe in a lot of astrology. I believe in aliens. I look up into the stars and I imagine: How self-important are we to think that we are the only life-form? I mean, if my relationship with Obama gets any better, I’m going to ask him that question. It just hasn’t been appropriate yet.”

Katy’s parents are Christian pastors but her idea of faith doesn’t match the traditional concept.

”I believe in a cosmic energy that is bigger than me. I do not believe God is an old guy sitting on a throne with a long beard…. I don’t believe in heaven and hell as a destination,” she added.

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6 responses to “Katy Perry believes in aliens”

  1. James says:

    Very smart thoughts, Katy! I do not believe in paradise and hell as final destination as well. I do not believe God is the way he is described in Bible. I believe in the higher reason that has created everything and why should we be just the ones in universe. Look around there are many more forms of life around us, so, why not other for outside our planet and even more reasonable and smarter than we are? Who said we were in the universe alone?

  2. Megan says:

    As well as Katy Perry, I believe in aliens. It would have been stupid to deny the fact of their existence. We just cannot think we are the only living reasonable creatures in universe. Who said there are no other planets with reasonable inhabitants on it? I am more sure that in our universe there are more developed, let’s call them, ‘cosmic races’ than we are. I do not believe in the God from Bible as well. The bible is based in human fears and laws, but the real God is more than that, more than we can grasp with our shallow minds.

  3. Damon says:

    I believe it is also not my fate to die ion a plane listening to Britney Spears. Why? I totally hate her dinging, so I don’t listen to it, and if the radio plays her songs, I switch it off or change the radio station. If I cannot do anything I will use the ear plugs. LOL by the way, I am also superstitious. I never in my life walked under the ladder. Why? I do not know. Just do not like it! LOL.

  4. Bella says:

    Well Katy has always been kinda weird so now wonder she believes in aliens, maybe she is actually one of them, lol. I am just kidding of course, but if being more serious on the topic, than I agree with her, we are not alone in the universe, but we are certainly alone on this planet, so believing that we are not alone in the universe doesn’t mean not believing in God, as in Bible says that God has created the Earth in six days, but not the whole universe. And my second thought is that Katy is supposed to feel ashamed saying something like this as it is not only disappointing for her parents who are pastors, but also for the people who are going to the Church to listen to what her parents are saying. Anyways, Katy has always shown herself as a spoilt, selfish and stubborn young woman, so I don’t think that she will ever understand that she really is doing something wrong.

  5. Nicky says:

    I just love Katy Perry, she seems to be as crazy as I am, and she always says the truth and what she really thinks no matter what. I am doing the same thing, I do not like pretending. So yes I do agree with her that there are aliens on this earth. Why not? I am not selfish at all I can share the place I live in with some aliens, but only if they are not mean ones and will not try biting my head off, in this case I would be a bit disappointed, and really in a bad mood. And when I am in a bad mood, I usually beat everyone who ruined my mood. And something tells me that Katy is totally same person as I am. Yeah I realize that she is not a “gift” with this kind of character, but so what, at least she is honest about everything she does, I guess new stars like her have many things to learn from her, and honesty is on the top of those things. As well as Katy needs to learn how to say everything she thinks and knows in a more polite way, so people would be able to “hear” her more.

  6. Vance says:

    Katy Perry is certainly a very interesting girl, and I agree in a lot of things that she says, but I do not agree with the manner she is telling them. I mean there are cases than no matter how right you are, the way you told this truth to people, is so disgusting that no one is even turning attention upon that. And it really makes me sad to see that a grown up girl, who is beside all the mentioned above is also the daughter of two pastors, just haven’t learn how to be polite with people. I have two daughters who are extremely educated and feminine. Those are the qualities that do miss in Katy Perry’s list of qualities, but it is never too late to learn and to become better, the only problem is that it is some issue to which each person should come itself, but not because people around are requiring that. People like Katy are too stubborn so they do not hear any kind of requirements, in fact they will do totally the vice versa thing to all the possible requirements they have ever meet in their life, even if those come from the dearest and beloved people. The funny thing is that eventually she would be the person who would suffer most of all from her own character. As about the aliens, I guess it is all bull***t, and Katy Perry knows that not less than I do, it is just her way of showing off again.