Katy Perry spotted with ring on engagement finger

katy Katy Perry and John Mayer sparked rumors that they got engaged after being photographed on Valentine’s Day.

The couple enjoyed a meal at Sunset Towers in Los Angeles on the romantic day, before heading to Bootsy Bellows club in West Hollywood to party and Katy showed off what appeared to be a gold ring on her wedding finger.

A source told E! news that despite the ring they are not engaged yet, but ”they are really happy. They had the most amazing date night. They had a private booth at Bootsy Bellows and were very happy just to be together.”


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5 responses to “Katy Perry spotted with ring on engagement finger”

  1. Michael says:

    When people are happy and enjoy each other, why paparazzi would sneak their asses everywhere to see who and why dates whom. Leave people alone and let them enjoy themselves and their lives. We all deserve time and the place for the intimacy on St. Valentine’s Day, right?!

  2. Margo says:

    I am happy to see Katy Perry is having fun being ort with a handsome man on the St. Valentine’s Day. Why not? They are both adults and can decide what to do with their lives. I hope Katy finds or already has found her true love ad is enjoying herself. I just wish her to be happy. Such gorgeous women deserve to be happy and shine bright like a diamond.

  3. Ernie says:

    I am sure that they are happy together Katy Perry has really earned that after being for such a long period of time with a husband who was simply using her in order to stay in the shadow of her fame, and see maybe it will help him somehow in his own carrier. I hate men who are not able to do anything in order to surprise their woman and to make her feel like he is capable to do anything for her. Instead of that lately it is a huge tendency between young men to live on the expense of their women. It is just such a huge fail in my head, how is this possible? Men are supposed to be the providers while women are supposed to surprise them and make them feel happy with their beauty and coziness that they create at home. Now I would rather see a woman who is acting like a man and is being very successful in her carrier, though not in her personal life, than a working hard ambitious man. It is so disgusting, when did the world turned upside down, and there was I if I never noticed that before. I am sick of it and afraid for my own kids who would build their future in this kind of world. What good morality values they can learn if everything is so “fuc**d up”? Unfortunately I do not have an answer for this question.

  4. Lara says:

    Well lucky Katy! Finally she has met a decent man and would build a normal future and family with him. The only thing I am worried about it her character and the wonderful ability to screw every good thing that she has in her life, I think probably she is doing that as she was hurt and used not once, so probably it is her style to protect herself from new disappointment, and it is probably working very well, but the bad side of it, is that from one side it protects her and doesn’t allow bad people entering her life, but from the other side it doesn’t allow even good people entering her life either. And the ones who try hard and really manage to get closer to her she is testing so much that it turns people away from her. And it really concerns me, as Katy Perry is one of my favorite singers, and her fate ( I mean not the carrier but personal life) is pretty close to my own, that is probably why I understand her so well, though it took me so much time and money to understand this simple thing at the endless hours spent with the psychologist who was helping me to go through a difficult crisis time in my life when I didn’t want anything, not to work or live, anything.

  5. Loreen says:

    Yayy, Katy Perry has found herself a new guy that she will start torturing as the previous one that she had, and who was her husband. Hopefully that will make this “bi**h” to relax a little and stop being such an awful and selfish person. It is said that people change a lot when they are truly in love for the sake of the person they are with and whom they love a lot. I hope that it would be Katy’s case, as she is really knocking off everyone who is simply being nice with her, I do not really understand where all of this anger she has is coming from, as it seems that she had a wonderful childhood with good parents, but there is obviously something wrong with her. John Mayer seems to be a really nice person, so I hope she will not screw up his life as that would be an epic fail for her in the first place. There already are not that many men who would feel like conquering her heart, so hopefully she will not make this thing even harder for herself. And if she will do it, then I would be the first person who would start laughing out hard as everything in this world comes back to the person who is being mean.