Katy Perry under fire for promoting Pepsi

katy-perry Members of several consumer advocacy groups slammed Katy Perry for marketing Pepsi to young people. Campaigners from organizations, including the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, ran a full-page ad in Variety.

In an open letter to the singer, they wrote: “Virginia Slims and other tobacco companies used glamorous celebrities and models to position smoking as hip, sexy and rebellious. Today soda companies are using you and other celebrities to convince young people that drinking soda is hip, sexy and rebellious. ‘Drink Pepsi and you can be cool like Katy Perry,’ is the takeaway message for your young fans. ‘Live for now’ and worry about the health consequences later.”

LACOSTE L!VE Desert Pool Party In Celebration Of Coachella - Day 1The activists urged Perry to stop promoting the brand. The letter continues, “Kids love you, Katy Perry. You count many millions of teens and tweens among your ‘KatyKats’ (fans). Their devotion to you has brought incredible commercial success and wealth. But being popular among children brings with it an enormous responsibility. Don’t exploit that popularity by marketing a product that causes disease in your fans.”

Katy hasn’t responded to the open letter yet, but a spokesperson for Pepsi has denied targeting kids by working with the singer.

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2 responses to “Katy Perry under fire for promoting Pepsi”

  1. Caroline says:

    Yes, we are responsible for those, who are linked to us. I wouldn’t promote such a poison to youngsters. They just like following their stars at this age not thinking of their own health and consequences. It is a pity that in a rat race people forget about the responsibility of others, who would get health problems and illnesses due to them in future. Yes, Katy doesn’t make anyone drink Pepsi, but by promoting it, she provides an example for younger generation – her fans! She has got enough income by doing her singer’s career, why earning the money this way that is not totally graceful?!

  2. Diana says:

    Parents better watch their kids and what they eat and drink and consume in average. Katy has nothing to do with the right kids’ upbringing. She just earns money the way she can. I see nothing bad in it. It is your choice whether to drink Pepsi or not!