Keira Knightley still gets nervous when preparing for a role


2003 was the year when Keira Knightley got her big break, starring in Pirates of the Caribbean, and she has been in the spotlight since then. But despite being in the movie business for more than a decade, the 29-year-old actress still gets nervous before shooting a new movie.

“I’m still just as stressed out when I start a film shoot and I’m not happy with everything that I do,” she told DuJour magazine.

However, Keira is continually learning from her experiences in the industry.

“But with time and each new film, I continue to learn, unlearn and learn again. And therefore to build who I am,” she explained.

Playing several tragic characters in the past, the actress is excited about her new role in Begin Again.


She said: “After Anna Karenina, I suddenly realized that for the past five years, in all of my films, I either died or was subjected to situations that were each more horrific than the last. So I wanted more positive vibrations! And nothing could correspond better than this New York fairy tale of a young woman who tries to finally have the life that she always wanted.”

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One response to “Keira Knightley still gets nervous when preparing for a role”

  1. Tanya says:

    I believe that Keira Nightly is just that type f person, who will never overcome this nervousness. I work as the interpreter and I am always nervous about the new visitor form another country to translate, though I work for several decades in the business. I believe this is just the psychological thing – we are emotional people, whoa re very strict and requiring to themselves. This is not good or bad, this is I just the way it is.