Keira Knightley to Marry Today

keira_knightley_620763 There have been a lot of talks about Keira Knightley’s wedding that should take place today at her family’s $5 million vineyard in Mazan. Mazan is a village in Provance. A source told MailOnline: ”It’s a beautiful location for the wedding. They’re very, very lucky. It’s just the perfect time of year for it as well, they couldn’t have picked a better weekend weather-wise.”

According to the sources, the actress will be wearing custom-made dress by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld and the ceremony will be intimate with no more than 100 guests. As previously said, the entire event is secretly organized. An insider said: ”It’s all been a massively covert operation – her friends and family were only told recently about the ceremony. They’ve all been told not to travel in big groups, to arrive separately and to all spread out where they’re staying so as not to draw attention to the wedding party.”

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