Kerry Washington has a say in ‘Scandal’ wardrobe choices

181601591 Third season of the hit TV show Scandal is back on the small screen. Kerry Washington, who high powered political fixer Olivia Pope, reveals she and costume designer Lyn Paolo work together when it comes to deciding what kind of wardrobe her character wears.

She told E! News: ”Lyn Paolo, who is our brilliant costume designer, and I work very closely together. The first time that we met to figure out Olivia’s aesthetic, we both came with pictures we ripped out of magazines and we had 90 percent of the same exact pictures!

”One of the things we decided very early on is that she literally and figuratively wears the pants and we wanted this to be a character that is rarely ever in a skirt or a dress. We wanted to make sure that the clothes were tailored and feminine and body conscious while still being the kind of clothes that you can wear anywhere.”

scandal-season-2-finale-kerry-washingtonLyn Paolo explained to that Olivia’s style is different from Kerry’s. ”Kerry is Kerry, Olivia Pope is Olivia Pope. We keep the two worlds very separate. I try not to have her personal fashion impact the show’s fashion because Olivia is just a very different person from Kerry Washington,” she said.

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One response to “Kerry Washington has a say in ‘Scandal’ wardrobe choices”

  1. Kate says:

    I like Kerry’s style, choice of wardrobe and taste. She is a very elegant and charming lady. She always looks perfect to me and her adorable smile – I simply cannot resist it! She is just perfect! He is sexy even wearing pants. IMHO.