Kerry Washington has fatal food allergies

Kerry+Washington In an interview with E! News, Kerry Washington has revealed she suffers from fatal food allergies. The Emmy Award-nominated actress has severe reactions to certain foods and must carry an EpiPen, a syringe containing epinephrine, with her all the time.

She said: ”Most people do not know about this but I carry an EpiPen with me almost everywhere I go because I have a lot of food allergies, like fatal food allergies, that if I eat these things, I could wind up dying in an emergency room somewhere. So I always have an EpiPen. It’s not sexy, but I’m being honest, I have an EpiPen in my bag.”

Kerry is widely known for her role on hit TV drama Scandal, where she plays Olivia Pope, a political fixer who handles major scandals in Washington, DC. However, the actress insists that she is nothing like her character.

kerry-washington-2013-cfda-awards-03”There is no Olivia Pope in Kerry Washington. I’m never bossy, I never suggest that people should do what I say they should do, I never think I can fix situations, I never try to take care of people and I never only keep situations to myself privately … that’s why everyone knows about my private life,” she said.

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