Kerry Washington: Oprah Winfrey and Lena Dunham create more opportunities for women

kerry-washington In an interview with Stylist magazine, Kerry Washington, who is a vocal supporter of women’s rights, has praised Lena Dunham and Oprah Winfrey for creating more opportunities for women in Hollywood.

Asked what it is like to have fans such as Oprah, Lena and Claire Danes, Kerry said: ”It’s fun to hear that. There is a real circle of mutual respect. There are more opportunities for women and part of that is people like Lena and Oprah creating those opportunities and having a community that believes our successes and can help rather than take away from each other.

”That’s the truth; the more successful you are, the more you’re able to inspire and create work for others. It’s great when we live in a belief system. It works.”

498712831JL192_2014_BET_AwaIf she could go back and give some advice to her younger self, Washington would have a lot of things to say.

”I guess, it’s to trust the journey. Don’t worry so much about being perfect. Trust that you’re on a journey of becoming who you’re supposed to be. Everything that’s happened, every negative thing or bad moment that has helped me to come closer to who I want to be.”

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