Kevin Costner happy to get back to work

kevin-costner-man-of-steel-premiere_3713762 Raising children is not an easy job and Kevin Costner knows it very well.

The actor took some time off to be a stay-at-home father but now he is more than ready to get back to work.

“I had three little kids the last five years; my wife and I. I slowed down to get them started, but I’ve just had enough of that f**king minivan,” Costner told Wenn. “I just had to get a minivan because my back was killing me with the Suv; three seats of s**t!”

“I thought, ‘I have to go back to killing somebody for real in action movies because this is too tough!’ In the last year and a half, after I did The Hatfields And The MCCoys and got on a horse again, I started to feel my love of acting. Now there’s a series of movies coming out back to back which is unusual for me.”

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One response to “Kevin Costner happy to get back to work”

  1. Kenny says:

    I am happy to hear that Kevin Costner is happy to be back to acting. So, what can I say? We are even happier since he is an amazing actor and we are looking for more of his roles and action movies and dramas and everything he has to give the auditory. He is an actor from the capital letter and outstanding charm and wit.