Kevin Spacey didn’t boycott Vanity Fair Oscars bash

After the speculation that Kevin Spacey didn’t show up at the annual Vanity Fair party


after the Oscars because of Gwyneth Paltrow’s feud with the magazine’s editor, his rep has denied the rumors.

Several reports have claimed that many A-list stars skipped Vanity Fair bash to show their support of Gwyneth and Spacey was said to be one of those who boycotted the party.

However, the actor’s representative says that it was nothing like that. She insists that the House of Cards star didn’t attend any Academy Awards after-parties because he wanted to go to Palm Springs for the launch of a Will Ferrell charity event that helps cancer survivors attend college.

kevin-spaceyThe publicist told “He cares about the kids who have survived cancer, and that is the reason he did not attend any of the post-Oscar parties, not even the one that his producing partner threw for Captain Phillips, a film he is extremely proud to be a part of that was nominated for six Academy Awards. His sole priority that night after the show was to help the young students whose lives have been changed for the better through this charity.”

She also said that Spacey “wasn’t even aware of the issues that have been reported between Gwyneth Paltrow and Vanity Fair.”

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One response to “Kevin Spacey didn’t boycott Vanity Fair Oscars bash”

  1. Calvin says:

    Why would people consider negatives only? Kevin Spacey is a very busy an and consider it is better to visit charity evening and help people, who really need it rather then just leading a social life. Social life is good, but when you choose between charity and fun, it is better listen to your heart. I am very happy to find out Kevin Spacey has got a big, kind and generous heart that he shares with us and especially with kids, who survived cancer.