Kiefer Sutherland: I Want to Do the ’24’ Movie

image Kiefer Sutherland played Jack Bauer – Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) agent in the long-running TV series 24 (192 episodes over 8 seasons) and now he wants to play the role again, but this time on the big screen.

After shooting some chasing scenes he realized he was still able to do the physical part of the role. ”I want to make the ’24’ movie as long as I can run — and last week I figured out I still could,” Kiefer said. ”I had to chase someone for the first time in a very long time and when we finished the scene, one of the crew said with a wink, ‘That felt pretty familiar didn’t it? Kind of cool to watch you run again. I didn’t know if you could any more. ”’24-kiefer-sutherland

As a matter of fact, filming of the 24 motion picture was announced last year but in March 2013 it was cancelled.

Kiefer and his father Donald Sutherland will star in a western movie. ”We’re going to make a Western together. It’s the story of a son coming home from the Civil War after his mother has died,” Kiefer said. ”It’s a beautiful story. I’m very, very excited — and nervous — about doing it.”BPC3

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