Kim and Kanye to spend big on their wedding guests


The upcoming Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Paris wedding will certainly be a lavish event and the couple will spare no expense on their guests either.

According to Grazia magazine, Kim and Kanye are planning to spent around $125,000 on each of their wedding guests and that includes expensive gold silk invites, private jet to France, hotel rooms and goodie bags containing champagne, chocolate, perfumes and spa treatment vouchers.

A source told the magazine: ”Kim and Kanye wanted the invites to be as lavish as possible and commissioned a couture designer to create gold silk boxes containing a photo album of their fairytale romance and a silk invite etched in real gold leaf with a clasp of natural pearls. It’s the first glimpse their friends and family have had into their Paris wedding so they wanted them to be special.”


The insider added: ”Guests will be greeted with goodie bags containing $500 bottles of Bollinger champagne, $200 Creme de la Mer products, handmade souvenir trinkets with Kim and Kanye’s initials etched in Swarovski crystals, bottles of scent from local perfumeries and $250 vouchers for treatments at the hotel spa. This is going to be the wedding to end all weddings and Kim wants to ensure that she and Kanye, as well as all their guests, have an experience they will never forget.”

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5 responses to “Kim and Kanye to spend big on their wedding guests”

  1. Francesca says:

    It is amazing how these people can spend such a ridiculous means, and to give away tricks as we see in conventions.
    What is it, with this woman fascination to wear white?
    I guess we all got the point of how exibitionist, and tacky these two are. Money has never bought anyone “Class!”

  2. Mary says:

    As for the bride herself, she is planning to don three wedding gowns on the big day, and is said to be having a spray tan containing real diamonds and 14-carat gold so that she “sparkles”. Unbelievably gross.

  3. Angela says:

    Awe wow, Kim Kardashian certainly knows how to live her life at the most luxurious level, I am shocked. Spending that much on the guests I think it is a bit of overreacting, but that is their decision, and if they can easily afford it, then why not. Hopefully it will be Kim’s last wedding, otherwise it will be not worthy, people will start hating her even more than they do now, and I don’t think it will be a good thing for her carrier or reputation she already has done too many mistakes. Due to Kanye, the high society is still welcoming her, but it will last only till the moment when she will screw up again, unfortunately that is they way life is. When you do mistakes, you don’t really have a lot of chances to correct it, especially if those mistakes are about playing with someone’s feelings.

  4. Jade says:

    Honestly speaking I think Kanye and Kim’s wedding will become the most awaited ceremony of the year; I am not sure whether Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will get married but f they really will, than I guess the competition between those two couples will become one of the most aggressive ones, because if you are waiting for your wedding day for almost ten years, then of course you expect something really amazing from it. It is obvious, and I would have same expectations if I were on Angelina’s place. Hmm, anyways I wish happiness and a long and everlasting family life to both of the couples, as for me it doesn’t matter how much people will spend on their wedding or on other things, material things are not important, but it really does matter to me the feelings that people share for each other and mutual understanding that they surround their life partner with.

  5. Carla says:

    I think it doesn’t matter how much money Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are spending on their wedding and on their guests, as it is their wedding, so they are supposed to do everything how they want it to be. You cannot have all the money in the world, and eventually when you are working hard upon getting the things that you want, then of course you are allowing yourself to spend a lot as well. Otherwise there is no meaning in earning a lot of money. Not to mention the fact that you cannot obviously take those money with you into the grave, so it is important to live and enjoy each moment in lifetime at the maximum possible level. Good job Kimmy, I am sure it was her idea, and it is pretty obvious for me that this girl really does have some good taste.