Kim Basinger: I want to face all my fears


Kim Basinger wants to face all her fears before she dies and she is proud she has done many things so far.

She told Flaunt magazine: ”My personal philosophy is, by the time I leave this planet I would have wanted to face every single thing I’m afraid of in this world. No matter what I have to do, no matter what it entails and how shaky and how undone I become. I think I would not be a completed person if I do not do that. 

”Well, I’ve handled snakes and I’ve jumped out of airplanes but to me things like that – I don’t care. I’ve been in some of the deepest water in the world. I love it. I don’t look at anything as dangerous, really. Except as a mom watching a kid – that’s danger. But I think, on a personal level, the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done is really bring up a child and face my own fears. Which, you know, have been many and are becoming less.”

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