Kim Kardashian addicted to baby clothes

6-Kim-Kardashian-2013 Ever since she welcomed her daughter North West, Kim Kardashian can’t stop buying designer baby clothes. She has reportedly been shopping up a storm and spending thousands of dollars on her daughter’s wardrobe.

A source told Star magazine: ”Kim spends all her time shopping online for Nori. She mostly buys white items, and she buys multiples of the same thing because they get dirty so easily. Many of the little designer dresses cost upwards of $600 apiece, and Kim will buy 10 to 15 items at once. Kim spends more on baby clothes a month than many celebrities spend on their house payments.”

The new mom is so fascinated with an $800 cashmere blanket made by Hermes and another source told OK! Magazine they ”buy them in bulk but they like them because they are super soft and Nori rubs them on her face all the time. At $800 each, that gets really expensive!”

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