Kim Kardashian enjoys staying at home

kim-kardashian-630 Despite the rumors saying that Kim Kardashian is staying out of the spotlight because she is hiding until she gets her pre-pregnancy figure back, a source close to the new mom claims she just wants to stay at home for the time being and enjoy some time with her daughter.

The 32-year-old reality TV star, who gave birth to her first child, North West, in June with her rapper boyfriend Kanye West, reportedly has no desire to return to work and wants to take a few more months off to bond with her daughter.

gty_kim_kardashian_jt_130615_wgThe source said: ”All along she knew she wanted to take time off. She said she wanted to take a few months, and it hasn’t been that long yet. She spends tons of time with her daughter and is just learning a lot. She didn’t know a lot about raising a baby before North was born so this has been a great learning process. She’s so happy. I’ve never seen her happier. She is smiling all the time. She just feels very safe and secure at home right now. She’s not in any sort of rush. Kim isn’t in hiding! That’s ridiculous.”

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