Kim Kardashian fears her wedding is out of control

kimkardashian Announced as the event of the year, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding will certainly be lavish and a bit over the top. However, Kim is worried that her fiancé might be out of control with his plans for their special day.

Kanye wants to make “a concept event based on a wedding” and Kim doesn’t completely agree with his artistic plans for their summer wedding in Paris.

A source close to the reality star told the UK’s Heat magazine: ”He’s sometimes even forgetting to involve Kim in the meetings with the wedding planner. She feels like the whole thing might be spinning out of control. It’s just insane. Kanye has basically billed it as … breaking the boundaries of what to expect when it comes to a wedding.

”This will be the event of the year. Think fashion runway, stage show performance. Think Avant-garde. Think nothing like you’ve ever seen. Kanye’s saying ‘This is a concept event based on a wedding.’ ”

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One response to “Kim Kardashian fears her wedding is out of control”

  1. Candy says:

    The two like to show up. They pretend to be royals. They have nothing to do with that. I am very glad they were refused the wedding ceremony at the Versailles castle. The first Kim’s wedding was very lavish and lasted for 72 days or so. Well, today it is hard to surprise with an expensive wedding, but with lasting marriage. Kanye always wanted to make a show of anything connected to him. A performance is a performance, but your wedding day is your private happy day that you better keep private and celebrate with people from your close circle. IMHO