Kim Kardashian fears Kanye will go to jail

kim_kardashian_670824 Kim Kardashian is worried her boyfriend Kanye West might end up behind bars. Kanye was charged with battery and attempted theft last week. The rapper was caught on tape in the middle of a fight outside a Los Angeles airport with a photographer, reportedly punching the man and wrestling him to the ground in an attempt to grab his equipment.

A source told Closer magazine: ”Kim is really upset. She’s been sobbing to Kanye saying she needs support with North. She’s been insisting she can’t cope on her own and is so worried the judge will want to make an example of the rapper, especially considering his previous outburst.”

This is not the first time Kanye’s had problems of this sort. Back in 2008, the rapper was arrested after smashing a paparazzo’s camera.

kanye-west-may-face-felony-attempted-robbery-chargeAnother thing that’s been bothering Kim is that the completion date for renovations on their new Bel Air mansion has been pushed back until early next year. A friend explained: ”Their home won’t be ready until February and Kim’s scared she’ll be moving in alone. Kanye’s acting very cocky, saying he’s sure he’ll get off but Kim’s not impressed with his attitude.”

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One response to “Kim Kardashian fears Kanye will go to jail”

  1. Tim says:

    I can understand Kanye, this constant watching after you paparazzi can make you that nervous. However, for the sake of his relationship with Kim, he should be in control for his emotions. He needs to understand that when you are a public person, the paparazzi stalking are inevitable! Get used to it, Kanye, and that is!