Kim Kardashian on strawberry diet

The Kardashians Determined to lose some weight, Kim Kardashian is said to be trying out yet another diet. The reality star is only eating strawberries.

A source told The Sun: “She’s giving it a go a few days of the week. She has strawberries for breakfast and lunch and strawberry smoothie snacks inbetween.”

However, Kim is allowed to have a cheat meal occasionally. “She joked that it’s OK to have champagne and strawberries in the evening,” the source added.

Even though Kim has managed to lose the extra pounds she gained during her pregnancy, it seems that her husband Kanye West thinks she needs to shed more weight.

“Kim’s put on a bit of weight since the her may wedding and Kanye continually jokes about it,” a source told Heat. “Kanye even wobbles her stomach and jokes that she’s expecting another baby. He’s always been a big fan of her bum, but thinks everything else should be tiny and toned.”

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