Kris Humphires sold Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring at auction

kris-humphries NBA player Kris Humphries scored $749,000 from selling the diamond engagement ring he gave Kim Kardashian.

The huge diamond ring was sold at Christie’s house auction yesterday. It was sold for $620,000 according to Us Weekly, and with added auction fees and Christie’s mark-up, the ring brought Humphries a total of $749,000.

“It bounced between two phone bidders and two bidders in the back of the room,” a spokesperson for the auction house told E! News. “Good participation all around. It was the last item in the morning session.”

“Kris is very pleased with the final result,” Humphries’ rep told E! News of the sale.

kim-kardashian_ring_v03_610x458Kris, who now plays for the NBA’s Boston Celtics, married Kim Kardashian on August 20th 2011 and split after 72 days together, with their divorce finalized in June 2013.

His lawyer Lee Hutton said that the basketball player will give a portion of the money to a charity of his choice and he added: “I’m not sure if the ring or its sale helps with the process of moving on. I think he moved on long before the ring was even put into the auction. Kris, being an athlete, is getting ready for an upcoming seasons and ready for life’s lessons as they come along. This whole process was humbling but maturing.”

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One response to “Kris Humphires sold Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring at auction”

  1. Ashley says:

    I find the ring is actually quite beautiful but with Kim’s trashy name associated with it of course it would go down in value. Most people who could afford to buy a ring like that would be mortified for it to link them to her and her joke of a marriage. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t be surprised, if she had lied about the cost of the ring, Kardashian’s family lies about everything else!