Kristen Bell wanted wedding to be “lowest-key day possible”

1385154932_kristen-bell-jay-leno-467 Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Kristen Bell said she and Dax Shepard wanted their wedding at the Beverly Hills county clerk office to be “the lowest-key day possible.” And that’s exactly how they did it on October 17.

Unlike other celebrities, Kristen and Dax didn’t spend millions of dollars on their big day. They simply went to the courthouse, sealed the deal and celebrated with sandwiches.

Kristen explained how she and Shepard had completed the appropriate paperwork online necessary to get their marriage license but forgot to bring someone to officiate their wedding at the courthouse.

1BB8E1B0“The court officials said, ‘No, you actually have to have someone ordaining you.’ And I said, ‘But we don’t, please let us be married now,” the actress recalled.

But after “frantically texting” friends who are ordained to come to the courthouse and no one was able to make it, someone in the courthouse volunteered to marry them.

“Finally someone piped up that was actually in the courthouse and said, ‘I can marry you right now, if you want.’ We said, ‘Boom! Let’s do it,'” Bell said. “And we got it over with…Then we got sandwiches, and we called it a day! We called that our wedding brunch.”


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One response to “Kristen Bell wanted wedding to be “lowest-key day possible””

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow! If I had a possibility to make a million dollar wedding, I would it just a one day in your life! Still, it is the desire of every couple, their personal business. They decide how and where it will take place. If they stopped on the wedding brunch, ok, it works for them. I stick to the more ‘lavish’ style. Heheheh, but this is just me.))