Kurt Russell: I learned a lot from Walt Disney

kurt-russell-the-art-of-steal-_3862968 Kurt Russell has been in the movie industry since childhood and he learned everything about the business from legendary animator and filmmaker Walt Disney.

Kurt was just a teenager when Disney saw his potential to become a star and signed him to a 10-year contract back in the 1970s.

The actor recalles spending a lot of time with Disney, who reminded him of his grandfather.

He says, “We used to play ping pong… He would come down to the kurt-russell-appears-on-the-marilyn-denis_5916551movie set and say, ‘You’re done with school, you’re not due on set for a couple of hours, you wanna come watch a movie?’ I’d go with my mum sometimes and watch movies that were in process, being made. I got to learn a lot about making movies from Walt Disney.”

“Disney Studios was the place where I grew up. It gave me an opportunity to work in a place for 10 years and during an age period where usually, as teenagers, it’s difficult for actors… It was not just a place to work, it was Disney. I enjoyed it… The people were great… I have nothing to say except that I love Disney and the whole family,” Rusell, 62, adds.

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One response to “Kurt Russell: I learned a lot from Walt Disney”

  1. Timothy says:

    Kurt Russel is a great actor, he is one of my favorites!!! He is a very talented and striking personality, who really knows much about the movies and s perfect at what he does. I can tell now why. He has spent his entire life in the movie industry and has learned much from the legendary Walt Disney. The real talent should be worked on to get the best striking results and this is the case with Kurt Russel.