Leading celebrity environmental activists

Famous people have the power to influence others and some of them have decided to put that power to good use by making us aware of causes that need our support. The truth is there are lots of stars who care about the things that really matter. These outspoken environmental activists are trying to make the world a better place. Check out the celebs who are using their fame for a good cause.

Hayden Panettiere







Hayden is a supporter of several charities and causes. In Japan, she campaigned to stop the hunt of whales. She handed a letter of protest to the Norwegian and Japanese ambassador saying that Norway and Japan should stop their hunt for whales. She became a support of Ronald McDonald House Charities and is a member of their celebrity board. The Nashville star is the spokesperson for the marine conservation nonprofit the Whaleman Foundation. Last year she received the Futures Award at the Environmental Media Awards.

Edward Norton







Norton comes from a long line of activists: His father is an attorney for the National Trust for Historic Preservation who’s also director of a Nature Conservancy project in China, and his grandparents helped create the Enterprise Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to community development and affordable green housing. Norton has partnered with BP’s Solar Neighbors program, which helps put solar panels on the homes of low-income families in Los Angeles. In addition to hosting environmental programs on National Geographic TV, Norton also supports the work of groups like The Wilderness Society and Earthjustice.

George Clooney







George drives an electric car, while his advocating activities include founding of OilChange, a campaign which aim was raising awareness about American dependence on foreign oil. He has also made a documentary about Darfur and all the awful things that happened there, which are related to the broad environmental issues.

Cameron Diaz







Diaz has driven a Prius since they first became available and continues to tool around L.A. in a hybrid vehicle. Her MTV show Trippin’ takes viewers on eco-adventures to endangered habitats worldwide, and she has taken a leadership position in the Environmental Media Association (EMA), an organization that leverages the influence of media personalities to advance conservation and sustainable living. Her knowledge and passion for the environment so impressed Al Gore that Diaz was selected as a presenter for his groundbreaking documentary An Inconvenient Truth.

Robert Redford







The famous actor has spent over 30 years on the board of the Natural Resources Defense Council, giving a great contribution for several US mayors make the climate changes problems a priority in their agendas. Redford has also campaigned toward protecting Utah wilderness.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt







The world’s most popular and most influential celebrity couple uses their social power wisely toward achieving important goals. They have contributed millions to charities and humanitarian efforts globally. Angelina is a UN Goodwill Ambassador while Brad works with Global Green USA which develops environmentally friendly homes and is also helping to rebuild New Orleans. Together they formed the Jolie/Pitt Foundation which has donated millions.

Daryl Hannah







Daryl is passionate about living a green, sustainable lifestyle, and never compromises her beliefs — even if that means getting arrested! And that’s exactly what happened in 2012, when she was cuffed outside the White House for protesting the Keystone XL pipeline. She has also participated in eco-symposiums to fight dependence on fossil fuels. “Obviously, we are facing a time of great crises; we are in the middle of probably the biggest extinction in recorded history. We are pretty much at peak oil (use) and we have over-population. Permaculture is one of the best tools that I know in terms of understanding our place within that system and still do the things we need to do, like grow food and collect water…(It’s) a more sane way of living in harmony with our environment,” she says.

Leonardo DiCaprio







He established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998 which brings awareness to environmental issues. He is on the board of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Global Green USA and International Fund For Animal Welfare. His website, www.leonardodicaprio.org  has expanded global awareness and promoted current environmental campaigns. He has also produced an environmental documentary called the 11th Hour.

Ian Somerhalder







Ian is the U.N. Ambassador for the environment and has undertaken nearly every role possible in his role as conservationist, including speaking before Congress, fighting the implementation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, cleaning up the state of California, promoting alternative agriculture, and pushing for his TV character to live a greener lifestyle. Somerhalder is even doing his part to green the Vampire Diaries set, by supporting GoGreen Mobile Power energy generators, which are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas generators. “It takes a lot of power to run a movie set. We go through a lot of fuel. It’s harmful, and we can start changing that a little bit. We can get rid of these noisy, stinky, disgusting gas generators. There’s going to be a lot of thought that goes into this revolution that’s going to happen,” he said.

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan at Toronto Film Festival for 'Love Is All You Nee






Brosnan is serious about protecting the planet. In 2008, he was inducted into Environmental Hall of Fame as a “dedicated environmental activist.” In 2010 the actor donated more than $1 million to environmental projects, including protecting marine life, conserving wetlands, pursuing clean air and water campaigns. Brosnan also holds a position on Oceana’s Ocean Council, is a member of the Sea Shepherd’s Board of Advisors and has been a long-term UNICEF Ireland ambassador.

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