Leah Remini: I lost friends after leaving Scientology

leah_remini_ellen_show_a_l During the season premiere of Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show, Leah Remini has revealed more about her departure from the Church of Scientology earlier this summer.

The actress made headlines in July when she announced she and her family would be leaving the controversial organization after nearly 30 years. Leah explained she had become uncomfortable with some of the practices associated with the church and decided to leave.

When asked why she left, Remini said: “My mother got involved when we were very young, so it’s all we really knew. But over time, my eyes got opened and I could just no longer be affiliated with the organization, and my family felt the same, so we left.”

leah remini 660 reutersLeah also told Ellen that the separation from the church has been difficult, especially since she has been forced to cut ties with some of her closest friends. “We have lost friends that can no longer talk to us. And these are friends that we’ve had for dozens of years, but I have great friends, other friends that are not in the Church, that have stood by us, and our family is stronger, we’re together, and that’s all I could ask for,” she said.

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