Leighton Meester and Adam Brody got married in secret ceremony

brody According to US Weekly, Leighton Meester wed Adam Brody got married over the weekend in a secret ceremony. Several friends close to them have confirmed the news.

The couple went public with their relationship last February and they got engaged three months ago.

Leighton and Adam were initially thought to be planning the wedding this summer.

“Leighton and Adam are crazy about each other and have talked about getting married eventually,” a source said in November. “But she had no idea when he would propose so soon! It was the surprise of her life and she’s ecstatic! Right now their plan is to get married next summer,” the insider added.

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4 responses to “Leighton Meester and Adam Brody got married in secret ceremony”

  1. Kenny says:

    Awww, they look so happy together! The secret marriage is nice since they want to keep it private and personal. I like it this way. People do not make any event of their family happiness for the publicity. They just enjoy it and are happy and this is clearly seen in the picture!

  2. Leah says:

    Awe I love Leighton Meester, I am one of those few who loved her much more than they loved Blake Lively in the “Gossip Girl”, probably it is due to the fact that I have same mischievous character as her hero in the soap opera had. I am also the child of many talents who makes up many naughty things just in order to entertain myself, although I am not that sure that in real life she is same girl who likes to control everyone and everything, I am so happy for her and I really do hope that the man she have chosen will stay for the entire lifetime with her, I do hate the Hollywood tendency of changing the partners like they change outfits. I do not understand what have happened with the morality values; don’t people realize that it is gross to allow so many people to their body? It is not the way God have created us. And the other important thing that not only Hollywood actors but everyone are not realizing is that it is better to do something for the relationship to continue working instead of throwing everything away as soon as something stops working, that is the secret of our grandparents who managed to stay together for their entire lifetime. And I am completely sure, that it is a great advice and example to follow.

  3. Trinity says:

    Awe I am so happy for the girls, both Blake Lively and Leighton Meester have managed to find two wonderful men in order to marry with. And I do hope that both of those marriages will last forever, though honestly speaking I kind of thought that Leighton Meester will marry with her partner from the TV show “Gossip Girl” Ed Westwick, and my first reaction on her marriage with Adam Brody was damn it, but I read a bit about this fellow and think he is a nice guy and really deserves Leighton Meester as a wife. And I do hope that he will make her happy, at least on the picture she looks very happy and accomplished, I guess every woman since being a little girl is dreaming of meeting her own prince charming in order to create a family with him, so something tells me that this girl have really found the one and only! Lucky her, as the majority of women spends their entire lifetime while trying to find one, and still is not really succeeding in it. Like for example Jennifer Aniston, she is a wonderful woman and the entire world loves her, but she is very unlucky when it comes to men, she always picks the wrong ones.

  4. Tanya says:

    We wee, I am so happy for the young couple Leighton Meester and Adam Brody. Adam is such a cutie; I loved him in the movie “The land of women” where he was lucky enough in order to perform with such a star as Meg Ryan. I think those two are making a perfect couple, and I hope that pretty soon they will create a few wonderful children. I hope that Leighton is wise enough in order to choose her family and future children instead of working all the time. I am proud of Jessica Alba, as she has set the right way of the priorities in her head she put her husband and children on the first place and here we see a wonderful happy family there two people are still stick to each other instead of divorcing and getting married a few times or just into relationships with the other people. This is the type of relationship and family that should be an example for everyone and not only in Hollywood but everywhere in the world. This is how I would like it to be. Our world is sinning so much, that soon there will be no left any good things that are worth living for. And I am very afraid of something like that, because the last time it happened God has send a huge storm on the Earth where only Noah and his family survived.