Lena Dunham doesn’t know if she wants to act anymore


Lena Dunham, who graces the cover of the April issue of Glamour, has revealed she might quit acting.

The actress and creator of the hit TV show Girls admits she doesn’t like being in front of the camera that much and prefers watching other people act.

She said: ”I don’t know if I’m going to want to act any more. I’m always relieved on the days I don’t have to. I’d rather give parts to other women than be the woman having the parts.”

Lena has won two Golden Globe awards, including Best Actress in a Television Series Musical or Comedy.

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One response to “Lena Dunham doesn’t know if she wants to act anymore”

  1. Jerard says:

    It is very sad when such a talented and charming actress as Lena Dunham decides to quit acting. Hollywood misses the actresses like her and I will definitely miss her if she ever decides to quit acting. I still hope she will change up her mind and will gladden her fans with new roles, but please dear no more nudity! Hehehe!