Lena Dunham meditates to control her OCD

lena_dunham Speaking at the Women. Meditation. Stress. panel at the Paley Center in NYC on Tuesday, Lena Dunham said that she has been struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder for years and that meditation helps her keep the disorder under control.

The actress was diagnosed with OCD when she was nine and she is thankful to her mother who taught her how to meditate instead of giving her medication.

She said: “I feel forever grateful that instead of assaulting me with a barrage of medications, my mother decided it was time for me to learn to meditate. Although when you’re nine you have trouble articulating the sort of internal shifts you feel, I know that it made an incredible difference. It made it possible for me to understand what I was going through, and to process what I was going through and to calm down.”

showbiz-golden-globes-2013-press-room-12Lena also said that she stopped meditating during her teenage years, but when she entered the world of entertainment, she started again.  It has helped her regain sense of peace. “My re-initiation into meditation has been even more powerful than my first experience, and it has made it possible for me to weather certain challenges and storms and public moments that I didn’t ever imagine would be in my life… I feel so lucky that I found it,” she explained.


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One response to “Lena Dunham meditates to control her OCD”

  1. Olga says:

    Indeed, meditation is a great thing! It truly works wonders to the body and spirit and our general well-being. I truly believe it helps Lena Dunham to control her obsessive compulsive disorder. Meditation helps many people to overcome difficult diseases, depression and many avoid suicide with its help. It also comes to help when you do not know what you want to get from life and during meditation you can ask your Higher Self about your purpose in life and what you need.