Liam Hemsworth wants Miley back

liam-hemsworth-hunger-games-catching-fire_3960331 According to a new report from UsWeekly, Liam Hemsworth misses his ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus so much he has allegedly begged her to get back together with him.

The couple that split in September secretly met up last month and they ”talked like they did when they were together.”

A source claims that Liam is desperate to get Miley back and he was the one who initiated contact. ”He pushed to get back in touch. He still has feelings. The attraction hasn’t gone away,” the insider said adding that Miley isn’t sure they should reunite.

The source said: ”She’s confused about how she feels.”

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One response to “Liam Hemsworth wants Miley back”

  1. Paul says:

    Well, now Miley achieved hat she wanted, but now she is not sure about her feelings. If they are not sure about their feelings and desires, it is better not to start the relationship again. Well, after such a scandalous break it w ill be a not less popular reunion. Well, their business anyway. It is their life, and they decide who will be in it or not be there.