Lindsay Lohan advised not to move home

lindsaydinajpg-aa9e2a3dcb01e715 Reportedly, Lindsay Lohan has been advised to move into a sober living facility after she completes her rehab instead of moving in with her mother Dina. The reason for this lies in the fact that Dina is allegedly a bad influence and could jeopardize Lindsay’s sobriety.

A source told “Dina and Lindsay have been known to go out clubbing and drinking together. Lindsay doesn’t need a friend in her parents, she needs Dina to act as her mother. She has been told that living under the same roof as Dina could jeopardize her sobriety. It’s best if Lindsay were to live with a sober living companion, or in a sober living facility upon release from rehab…. However, Lindsay has no desire to move into a sober living facility.”

lindsay-lohanBut, according to the insider, the problem is that Lindsay has certain money problems because she’s not working and can’t afford her own place at the moment. “Her options are extremely limited because she has very, very little money coming in. She could stay with a friend, but that opens another can of worms because most of her pals are party animals. Lindsay has to stay out of nightclubs. Time will tell how seriously she is taking her latest stint at recovery,” the source added.

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