Lindsay Lohan arrives late to Halloween gig, casino wants money back

lindsay-lohan Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut paid Lindsay Lohan over $50,000 to host a Halloween party but she arrived 90 minutes late and the casino wants some of its money back.

According to TMZ, Lohan was supposed to arrive at 10pm to do her hosting duties but she turned up 90 minutes later at 11.43pm. And that’s not all. Instead of posing for photographs on the red carpet and talking to fans, as was agreed, she just walked straight into the party.

Foxwoods is now trying to renegotiate Lindsay’s contract because the casino feels she didn’t uphold her part of the deal.

lindsay-mayweather-4But the actress didn’t completely ruin the night, as she and boxer Floyd Mayweather did a good job hosting the Halloween party and judging the costume contest. A source tells E! News: “Casino employees were disappointed she was late and basically skipped the carpet, but as a host she did well, judging the costume contest and interacting with guests. I think overall the casino was very pleased with the outcome of the event and is looking forward to more opportunities in the future.”

Lohan was dressed in a Carrie inspired costume that was covered in blood and had a prom queen tiara. Mayweather wore a Freddy Krueger outfit.

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One response to “Lindsay Lohan arrives late to Halloween gig, casino wants money back”

  1. Sandy says:

    This lady seems to never be on time! She is always messing up the things. When you a signed contract fro certain time and responsibilities – be good – do your job! In case you do not meet the requirements – then you should compensate what haven’t been done on your part. This is business! If we all would do our jobs this way, what the world would be lie?! Or does she think she is special?!