Lindsay Lohan banned from Leonardo DiCaprio’s party


Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly kicked Lindsay Lohan out of his house shortly after she had arrived to his party.

According to the reports, the 39-year-old actor had some people over at his Hollywood home earlier this month and Lindsay showed up uninvited. Being a good host, DiCaprio let her come in but, being her usual self, she started causing scenes shortly upon arriving and Leo threw her out.

A source told OK! magazine: “Lindsay wasn’t even invited but she still showed up. Being a nice guy, Leo allowed her in. Lindsay was acting like her normal whiney self, who wants all the attention on her or else she throws tantrums.”

“She was whining over the smallest things, like not having a place to sit or not wanting certain people near her. Leo told his friend to make her leave 15 minutes after she arrived,” the insider added.

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3 responses to “Lindsay Lohan banned from Leonardo DiCaprio’s party”

  1. Bobie says:

    After watching Lohan yell and scream and whine and complain and generally act like a spoiled rotten narcissist on “Lindsay” – this doesn’t surprise me and it sounds just like her. This is what happens when you invite an originally uninvited crackhead into your home. What does surprise me is Leo waited 15 minutes to kick her old, stinky ass out. (She was worried about people standing next to her? I’m sure everyone there didn’t want to stand next to her – Damn, she is so delusional).

  2. Lisa says:

    This story reminds me of, people that you slept with a long time ago, and are still trying, to come around ,years later—lol——it was so embarrassing, they would call, and, I would never speak to them, and, my kids thought it was, so funny—-they always talked to them, lol, and these guys would cry, wine and beg my kids, to get me to the phone—I never gave in—–they used to sit around, hamming it up, with their friends ,talking about, yeah, this guy, my mom dated like ,10 years ago or something—–they thought it was so funny—I just thought it was embarrassing—-

  3. Richard says:

    Why would Leonardo DiCaprio tolerate such behavior?! It was his arty! She was uninvited. Leo was polite, but even his patience has limits. If you do not know the right behavior at social places, then stay at home in a cage as a monkey and learn ho people behave! Lindsay is such a pain in ass for everyone these days, including her family. She better stops it now or then never be in demand again! She is definitely losing people’s respect!